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We would like to share the profound essence of our gallery and our commitment to art.

We believe that art has the power to transform our world, bestowing beauty and inspiration upon us. Our gallery is where this magic happens. We take pride in serving as a bridge between artists and art enthusiasts, where each piece showcased carries a fragment of the artist's soul and passion.

We have dedicated ourselves to supporting and promoting art and artists, striving to make their creativity accessible and cherished. Additionally, our aim is to inspire you, every day, by providing you with the opportunity to acquire unique works of art that bring beauty and harmony into your life.

We thank you for embarking on this artistic journey with us. We hold great respect for your love of art and invite you to explore this captivating world with us.

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How to buy art on NewViewArt

What are the advantages of buying art online compared to a physical art gallery?

Buying art online offers many advantages. From an accessible and convenient standpoint, online galleries are open 24/7, making the purchasing process easier than ever. The wider range of choices, information and prices is another attractive feature of online galleries, especially for younger collectors.

What are the delivery times for art purchased online?

We typically deliver orders within 7 to 14 days of purchase.
Delivery time may vary depending on the country of departure and the country of destination of the products bought.

What are the guarantees offered for online art purchases on NewViewArt ?

NewViewArt Gallery guarantees your 100% satisfaction! We offer you only highly artistic works of art of the best quality.
We provide full support in case of difficult situations. You are guaranteed to be able to exchange or return the item within 14 days of receipt if it is not to your satisfaction. In case of damage during shipment, NewViewArt gallery pays for repairs, makes a free exchange of art work for a similar one, or makes a full refund. If the damage is minor and can be repaired, but you prefer to exchange or return the art work, NewViewArt Gallery will pay all postage costs.
It is important to note that custom art is not fully refundable.